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Projects in Execution

Assessment of the contraceptive efficacy of Sayana®Press when applied every 4 months

READ MOREAssessment of return of fertility after discontinuation of Sayana®Press every 4 months

READ MOREMetabolic parameters in users of Sayana®Press in the first year of use

READ MOREEvaluation of treatment, clinical and endometrial characteristics of users of the etonogestrel-releasing contraceptive implant with an unfavorable uterine bleeding pattern

READ MORECHOICE - Impact of knowledge, access and guidance on unintended pregnancy rates and contraceptive implant discontinuation up to two years after insertion, when compared to short-acting reversible contraceptives

READ MOREMISP application and analysis in Venezuelan immigrants from Roraima

READ MOREImpact of offering a contraceptive implant in the immediate postpartum period on unplanned pregnancy rates in adolescents, when compared to offering any method at 6 weeks postpartum

READ MOREE4 Confort - Placebo-controlled study to evaluate the treatment of menopausal symptoms


READ MOREImplementation of a new WHO digital antenatal care module to improve maternal and child health in a region with economic and social constraints in Brazil

READ MORECOVID impact on postpartum pregnant women and their babies

READ MOREProtocol adaptation for COVID-19 investigations in the field of Sexual and Reproductive Health

READ MORERights, Public Health Policies and Humanitarian Emergencies in Reproductive Health

READ MOREFactors related to postabortion complications and contraceptive practices in adolescents attended at referral centers between 2016 and 2019

READ MOREPrevention and Management of Premature Births

Last update in April/2021.