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“As a WHO-HRP Fellow, my journey has not been a solo effort,” said Charles M'poca, presenting his research on maternal mortality and SARS-CoV-2 at the HRP Alliance Global Meeting in September. Charles, who completed his master's with the support of the HRP Alliance, has now started his PhD at the University of Campinas, Brazil through CEMICAMP."

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The HUB is sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO) and its main objective is to train new researchers in sexual and reproductive health in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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Course of Methodology in Scientific Research

The Course of Methodology in Scientific Research is divided into two parts. The first part aims to discuss with the students why to do clinical scientific research, the stages of construction of the research protocol, the types of study that can be carried out, the variables, how to calculate the sample size, the aspects ethics to take into account, broaden horizons on qualitative work. The second part, the objective is to discuss with the students why to write a scientific article, the stages of its construction, broaden horizons on how to write quantitative and qualitative works and Systematic Reviews. Selection of the journal for submission, final structure of the work, how to identify and avoid plagiarism.

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