Clinical manifestations of users of progestin-only contraceptives

Financing : FAPESP

Researchers : Dr. Luis Bahamondes

Line of Research: Contraception

The Family Planning outpatient clinic at UNICAMP brings together researchers with solid experience in teaching, research and assistance in Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine in Brazil, who have national and international recognition to implement a joint research and development proposal that translates into real benefits for science, for the Country and for Society. This study group has extensive experience in contraceptive research especially with a main line of research on long-acting reversible contraceptives (Long-acting reversible contraceptives).[LARCs] ), which, in addition to contraception, also have benefits in the treatment of diseases. Therefore, our line of research covers different stages of the female reproductive life cycle and prevalent clinical conditions and has in common the influence of these different contraceptives at the metabolic level, in bleeding disorders, lifestyle and satisfaction. This line of research and associated projects reflects an intense and fruitful activity with regard to the potential for incorporating substantial advances in health science and knowledge in reproductive medicine, but also in the future translation of the results obtained here into regional policies to promote women’s health. In this sense, it is important to point out that in addition to stricto sensu scientific research, population-based studies, projects directly linked to public health agencies, research with susceptible populations such as women with abnormal bleeding, diseases such as lupus, osteoporosis, among others, will allow greater dialogue with the public sector and society.

Area of knowledge: Health Sciences – Medicine – Maternal and Child Health