With the main objective of promoting women’s health, especially aspects related to the hypertensive syndromes of pregnancy, and thus reducing the alarming rates of maternal and perinatal morbidity and mortality, the Brazilian Network of Studies on Hypertension in Pregnancy (RBEHG) has promoted scientific events to improve and discuss practices in this field since 2020.


Protocol s :

  • Pre-Eclampsia Protocol 2020Pré-eclâmpsia/eclâmpsia (Protocolo no. 01) Rede Brasileira de Estudos sobre Hipertensão na Gravidez (RBEHG) – Preeclampsia is a multifactorial and multisystemic disease, specific to pregnancy, classically diagnosed by the presence of arterial hypertension associated with proteinuria, which manifests itself in a previously normotensive pregnant woman, after the 20th week of gestation. Currently, preeclampsia is also considered when, in the absence of proteinuria, end-organ dysfunction occurs. The multisystem nature of preeclampsia implies the possibility of evolution to more serious situations such as eclampsia, hemorrhagic stroke, HELLP syndrome, renal failure, pulmonary edema and death. Eclampsia refers to the occurrence of generalized tonic-clonic seizures or coma (Eclampsia sine Eclampsia) in a pregnant woman with preeclampsia, being one of the most serious complications of the disease.

Board of Directors :

  • Jose Carlos Peracoli
  • Jose Geraldo Lopes Ramos
  • Nelson Sass
  • Sérgio Hofmeister de Almeida Martins-Costa
  • Leandro Gustavo de Oliveira
  • Maria Laura Costa
  • Edson Viera da Cunha Filho
  • Henri Augusto Korkes
  • Francisco Lazaro Pereira de Sousa
  • Maria Rita de Souza Mesquita
  • Mario Dias Correa Junior
  • Ana Cristina Pinheiro Fernandes de Araujo
  • Alberto Carlos Moreno Zaconeta
  • Carlos Henrique Esteves Freire
  • Carlos Eduardo Poli de Figueiredo
  • Edilberto Alves Pereira da Rocha Filho
  • Ricardo Carvalho Cavalli