Meta-analysis with participation of professor researcher CEMICAMP, Dr. Jose Guilherme Cecatti, was published in The Lancet and brought important results on labor induction.

The research entitled: Balloon catheters versus vaginal prostaglandins for labor induction (CPI Collaborative): an individual participant data meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials, sought a meta-analysis of data to compare the efficacy and safety profiles of two methods of induction of childbirth: catheters-baloon dilation of the cervix and vaginal prostaglandins, as labor induction is one of the most common obstetric interventions worldwide.

Results showed that balloon catheters and vaginal prostaglandins have comparable cesarean delivery rates and maternal safety profiles, but balloon catheters lead to fewer adverse perinatal events.

The research had several researchers involved, in addition to Dr. Jose Guilherme Cecatti already mentioned here, and was funded by the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council and Monash Health Emerging Researcher Fellowship. Check out the work in full below:

Balloon catheters versus vaginal prostaglandins for labor induction CPI Collaborative an individual participant data meta analysis of randomized controlled trials