Published Articles - International Journals

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Published Articles - National Journals

  1. Cecatti Jg; Souza, RT ; Pacagnella, Rc; Leal, MC; Moura, EC ; Santos, LMP. Maternal Near Miss among women using the public health system in the Amazon and Northeast regions of Brazil. Revista Panamericana de Salud Publica (Print), v. 37, p. 232-238, 2015.
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Articles accepted for publication

  1. Angelini, C.; Pacagnella, Rc; Silveira, Carla ; Andreucci, CB; Ferreira, EC; Santos, JP ; Zanardi, DM; Parpinelli, Mary Angela ; Costa, ML ; Cecchino, GN; Cecatti, JG. Lessons from the field beyond the numbers: professional’s experiences on Severe Maternal Morbidity. Reproductive Health Matters (Print), 2015.
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Texts in newspapers and magazines

Faúndes, A. The testimony of Dr Anibal Faundes on abortions performed in Chile until 1973. El Mercurio, p. C6 – C6, 31 Jan. 2015.