This Tuesday, 03/07/2023, the Periodic Scientific Update Meeting took place with postgraduate students, HUB-WHO (CEMICAMP) scholarship holders. This activity is fundamental for the development of new researchers and research in the area of ​​health within the HUB-WHO program. It allows fellows to receive important feedback and guidance to improve their research and to keep up to date on the latest discoveries in the area, in addition to stimulating collaboration and knowledge sharing among team members.

The CEMICAMP President, Dr Luis Bahamondes, coordinated this meeting and the following students were present: Aline Munezero, Jacques Versailles, Miriam Alejandra Camas Castillo, Negli Rene Gallardo Alvarado, Charles M. Poca Charles, Miguel Alejandro S. Contreras, Celia Jose Laice Sitoe, Suzana Ivete Alfredo Manhiça, Luis Marcelo Noles Rodrigues, Marta Pedro Nhauche, Montas Laporte, Sherley Meteleus and Maria de Lurdes Paulo Dias.