The OAB Campinas Social Action and Women Lawyer Commissions start a solidarity campaign on behalf of the most needy patients attended by Hospital da Mulher Prof. Dr. J. A. Pinotti-CAISM. With the support of CEMICAMP (Research Center for Reproductive Health of Campinas), the initiative seeks to raise funds for the purchase of basic food baskets, medicines, personal hygiene products, clothes, orthoses, prostheses, among other items necessary for women from needy families and social vulnerability through the Volunteer Center.

According to the president of the Social Action Commission, Gabriela Nicolau Olmedo Consul, the funds raised in the campaign will be managed by CAISM and used to purchase items, according to the needs of each patient so that the largest number of women in difficulty are attended to at the moment. current pandemic.

The campaign will take place by means of a bank deposit (via PIX) in the account of the social responsibility area of ​​CEMICAMP, with the amounts being fully transferred to CAISM. The presidents of the commissions of OAB Campinas, lawyers Gabriela Consul and Fábia Bigarani, are leading the organization of the campaign and the mobilization of the advocacy and the society.

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Itaú Bank – Ag. 0716
Account – 99154-2
CNPJ – 49,409,816/0001-62

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